On your way through the dark forest you were attacked from the shadows by sexy looking ninja lady named Akali. Her attacks are fast and furious yet you have some skills as well and you are going to use them to protect yourself but you will have to win a minigame for that - just press proper keys on your keyboard to block her attacks in time. Obviously after you will defeat her you can demand the satisfaction for this undesirable encounter and Akali will let you to fuck her. In case if you are not planning to play any challenging games and here for the hentai themed content you can choose the appropriate mode in the main menu but will it be fun to get your reward without fighting for it? This is a question that everyone will be answering for himself.
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Palacius - Faggot Athlete

This interesting intercourse flash game will tell you the story of ancient Greece. In those days there were many athletes who performed at the Olympic Games. Among the athletes were gay. So you found a place where the athlete rests after the games. The athlete looks at you and in his eyes you see the fire of love. The athlete offers you to undress him. Click on clothes to take them off. Now you see the athlete entirely naked. He has a damn beautiful and big prick. You begin to lure the athlete. Touch his nipples, massage his legs and slap his buns. As soon as the athlete gets exhilarated, you can begin sucking his fat cock. And after that you will enjoy horny gay lovemaking. So if you like gay games, then you should begin playing right now.

Tags: hentai, undress, adult, sex, nude, gay, tease, touch, boyfriend
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Android 18 fuck incest

Android 18 - hot blonde chick from anime series"Dragon ball Z" - is a bitch in heat. And befor eher unsatisfied state will embark to bring some real distractions to everything around her she must find a playmate who will provide her with proper fucking. And she will find someone and it is non other than... Android 17! The notion of the game is that not only you will enjoy animated bang-out scenes between those two androids but also to switch different styles in time so the pleaure bar would fill up sooner than the stress bar. Or you can switch into observe mode but in that case all bar fillings will be paused. If you will win then you will see special cum shot scene as reward. Game has three difficulty levels from easy to normal and hard which you can choose befor estarting the game in main menu.

Tags: hentai, creampie, cumshot, big tits, pussy, masturbate, blonde, doggystyle, android 18, dragon ball z, dragonball z (dbz), from behind
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Touch and Taunt Vol.1

"Touch and Tease" is a collection of games where you will be playing as some guy who is into super-naughty playing with other guys so if such agy-oriented themes is not for you then you should skip this game and try to look for another - on our website you will find lots of them in different genres. But let's get back to this one. Game commences with Akuhara Shoya who is usually the rough guys finds himslef being tied up. What will happen with him next? This is up to you! Ofcoruse first of all you will have to strip him down but all the actions you will perform next you can choose from wide diversity so you will decide ho wthis improvised date night with Akuhara Shoya will end. Not all actions are going to be evident but this will mak ethe process only mor einteresting. And don't forget to check the instructions if you don't want to stuck in teh very beginning.

Tags: big cock, adult, gay, final fantasy
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Yag World Venture Game

If you like games about fags and depraved lovemaking between two folks, as well as interesting adventures and a magical world where minotaurs, fairies and other residents live, you will like this interesting flash game. So you have to help the adventurer explore the unknown world. So look at the game screen. You will understand the ancient temple far and the path to the magical forest. Choose where to go. If you go to the forest, you can get some things that are interesting. Moreover, an old abandoned mine is hidden in the depths of the dark forest. Inside it is full of traps, but there is also a strong magic weapon. Beware of the evil Drenotaur. If he catches you, then the game is over. Use the mouse to interact with game objects. Just pay attention to the fact that in this game you will find gay fuck-a-thon. Are you ready to find this lovemaking and satiate yourself? Then let's commence the game immediately.

Tags: game, world, adventure, gay, over, meet
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Resident Evil - Hounded

The official remake of"Resident Evil 3" has been relased yet it seems to be shorter than it's devotees were expecting it to be. This elementary parody game will let you to spend few more minutes with main heorine Jill Valentine, Nemsis and his ugly evil monsters jut keep noticed - this parody is made in hentai genre so get ready to see Jill getting fucked this time literally from the begin of this game till the very end! The gameplay is very easy and suppose you to just enjoy animated scenes and click on white arrow buttons to switch to the next (plus the sound is optional) so it is actually depends on you for how long these monsters and tentacles will be having their fun with the most sexy member of STARS this time and not from the developers will.

Tags: cartoon, hardcore, monster, sex, evil, valentine, monsters, sexual, jill valentine, resident evil, going, captured, buttons, rough sex, derpixon
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Meet and Fuck: Magic Book

Always wished to be a egghead? Nope? And how about a egghead who happens to find a magic book and by this attract hot blonde cheerleader (and your nemesis' girlfriend at the same time)? Already want to play? Now we're talking! After short story you will get to the most important gameplay: you will need to combine spells from the book to change egghead or blonde - there will be pages with either male anf femaly spells! Every combination will turn chosen hero into some other that you might now from comicbooks, movies, TV shows and etc.. With one difference - in this game all heroes are turned into sexy versions of themselves - with fatter tits and boners that they are not even going to hide! Overall you can create up to 42 different spell combinations - try to unlock them all

Tags: hentai, funny, student, humor, 3 on 1, tortue, cake, george
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Bend or Break: Korra Hentai Parody

This hentai parody game is in fact telling the alternative story of an scene that you might have actually seen in the original"Avatar: The legend of Korra" cartoon series. This scene we are talking about is the one when Korra was seized by one of her enemies and what exactly happened with her there will be finally unsheathed to the public! And not only uncovered - actually while you will be playing this game you will be the one to make certain decisions that will alter the story and send it one of possible directions which can end up both great and exciting or very very bad for your character (yep, you won't be playing as Korra this time but probably you will find this choice is even more fun sinc eyou will soon be playing Tarrok).

Tags: korra, avatar: the legend of korra, avatar, visual novel, choice
Categories: HTML5 Browser Games , Avatar Porn Games
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One Chunk Blowjob

You should know Nami and Nico Robin, if you are fan of Anime then. These beauties are featured in many Hentai games. This time we have new game where you can control them doing a blowjob to you. Enjoy licking, sucking, rubbing in different styles.

Tags: hentai, cumshot, big tits, game, facial, redhead, brunette, anime, blowjob, piece, licking, nami, robin, sucking, time, games, niko robin, one piece, nico robin, control, featured, rubbing
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