Fuckfest Kitten: College Sim 2

    Your bitchy neko girlfriend Slutty McSlut is back into act! And"back into activity" in your case means that she will have to leave the town for her own business while you will have to record manga porn marathon to get her because she is planning to observe it anyway. You have no idea how to do that? Then get back to school and try to bring your IQ on at least the half of Slutty's or this girlfriend will make you in to her girlfriend (and very likely she has think out more than one way to do that)! The problem is that the school that she is sending you is quite crazy place where you are going to fight not as much for new expertise but for your life. On the other side if you will play brainy pants only when and where it is needed you will not only keep your health but also earn some manga porn content to enjoy.
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