It's 5 years since Hogarth Hughes met Iron Giant. The boy has grown up and his whorish mom is going to help him to become a Man!
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The Metal Enormous

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Mom Chun Li hentai

Juicy and chesty mummy Chun Lee flew to a tropical island to unwind a bit. She came to the beach and commenced to sunbathe. Suddenly someone touched her leg. This is a little boy from a local tribe. Mmm... how cool he is. Chun Lee looks at his dick and realizes that he is too big for his age. Something definitely needs to be done with this chance. Chun Lee lets the boy begin to touch her large and fleshy watermelons. Chun Li's nipples become hard by touch. The boy caresses Chun Li's figure and wants to remove the swimsuit from the damsel. Chun Lee allows the boy to do this. Hmm.. The boy sees Chun Lee's pink cooter and commences to munch it.. Oh gods, this is great.. There are 4 scenes in the game and to unlock the next scene you have to accomplish the current one. Let's begin the fun now.

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Tsunade sleeping rape

How do you think breathing training can be more depraved and sexual? Yes! Look at how to properly do this training. The huge-titted instructor Tsunade and her two disciples Naruto and Sasuke practiced breathing practice in a clearing. But these two dudes were haunted by immense tits Tsunade. As it would be good to take and instead of training to roughly fuck this magnificent beauty Tsunade. Accustomed to Naruto and Sasuke poured into a glass of juice sleeping pills. Well, then they embarked raping the sleeping Tsunade. Quickly disrobing the huge-titted Tsunade, the dudes embarked the dissolute area of the training - hard hookup.

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Crazy Fairy

How often in videogames you have to fight hordes of evil fairies? Well, this game is definitely going to be one of them! Gameplay combines ideas of arcade shooter and tower defence genres. You will have a series of cannons positioned in lower part of game screen. From teh top part you will seee attacking flaps of fairies arriving. What you have to do next is to decide which type of ammo shoot it before she will reach the defense line and to use for each fairy. Ofcourse which works great against skinny fairies hardly will work against their chubby girlfriends. Try to shot down as several fairies a spossible to get the highest points. If teh item that is wrong will be used by you or let the fairy to get past then you will loose points. Oh, and all the fairies are attacking nude for some reason!

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Watch out behind you hunter

The protagonist of the game went to the forest to check the traps for foxes and hunt for hairy men. But he did not know that a couple of weeks ago, homos had settled in the forest. They have killed all the animals and are now hunting humans. But homos do not want to kill people, they want to fuck them in the arse. So use the arrow buttons to move around the screen and the space bar to shoot a shotgun. Be very careful. An evil gay drapes in every bush. Kill him before he gets closer to you. You simply have two rounds, so be careful. You don't want your pink arse to become a trophy for an insatiable gay. Also in the forest you will find additional cartridges and other items. You have to get out of the forest and not be fucked by force. Can you do it!? Let's begin the game and check.

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Just like any other vsual novel made specifically for adult audience this one happens to be a story about an ordinary guy who is surrounded by hot chicks all around - starting from his hot looking sister and the house owner and till hot students and ofcourse teachers at the college. Ofcourse in such situation our guy gets a boner alerts not only in the mornings yet how exactly each of them will be dealt with is going to depend on your choices of phrases in dialogs and actions throughout the whole story. So keep in mind that everything you will say or do is going to affect your relations with many potential lovers that you will get or won't get but don't expect us to give you any specific hints about that - it is entirely your story to play through!

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Old Voyeur Hostel v0.1.9

In this game you will be playing as the guy named Sam who is young and not much experienced when it comes to girls. Yet everything is about to change thanks to one opportunity that he gets and this is becoming the manager of the hostel which is located near the university. And what does it mean? It means that there will be quite a lot of young female students present in Sam's life from now on! Yet how exactly Sam will be using such gift is actually up to you as well because from now on you will be controlling his actions and choices so it will be up to you to find the way to get as much profit of any kind from this lucky outcome! Ofcourse there will be some other duties that you will need to take care of yet the main focus is obvious - watching hot girls here and there!

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This animated hentai game will tell you about the priestess from anotehr and larger game project titled"The Legend of Lust". But don't expect any long stopries - the only thing that you need to know about thi sbusty priestess is how she is going to deal with two guys who in the bedroom were waiting her for some reasons. May be these are new adepts? Who cares! And the only thing that Priestess is care right now is two big boners in her palms! So try different options and actions and make sure that our heroine will have a good night filled with pleasure... And of course if you will like this game then don't forge to get into and try big game which actually has a lot of stories, characters and even turn-based fights versus monsters... and interactive hentai scenes ofcourse!

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Cummy Bender Stage 3

Legendary avatar Korra who after certain events and getting into serious debts has become an erotic model is back which means it is time for you to come back as well and to continue your career of the best agent ever... or at least just an agent. This is already third chapter of the story so if you wnat to know all the details or at least to udnerstand what is going on around then it is recommended to play through the previous games first (and which you also can find on our website). As for this part of the story then Korra will keep her career under yoru guidance as well as she will keep exploring her elements bending talents. And since she will be getting only stronger you will probably want to end up on her good side when the story will get to it's main twist...

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