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2024-04-09 02:36:59

Bro zoro I don't fuck'n know man

2024-03-15 02:26:19

Where the fuck am I?

2024-01-02 08:11:30
bakugo :


2023-12-31 15:52:51
KH Kuennemann Holger [email protected]:

This is a bit ROUGH SEX we're all somehow fantasysing about, with a really big P*NS, and using it for attacking & natuarally forsex attack. For centuries sex has been a method of the conqueror / warrior, to propagate his genes in the newly conquered terretory(-ies). Look at the many BLUE-EYED PERSONS in ITALY for example. Native Italians are dark haired & brown eyed. So many blondes just suggest a massive so to call SEX-FIGHT for offspring, which the WANDALS / WIKINGS-OFFSPRING won. (As there are so many blondes, blue-eyed people in Italy.)- Same happened in SPAIN, Look at Jessica Giocoechea, - declared the WORLD's MOST HOTTEST WOMAN - : blue/brown-eyed, BUT: BLONDE ! So, the GERMANIC Tribes went from cold Germany,Holand, Sweden etc. to WARM ITALY & SPAIN. Their historical trail was marked by offspring with blue eyes OR blonde hair OR BOTH. The fighting in reality was much more BLOODY AND BRUTAL than ANY on COMMENTATORs can think of. THIS COMIC ABOUT DOMINANCE, FIGHT & FIERCE COMPETITION IS AN IMPORTATN PIECE OF ART, WHICH ADRESSES THE MORE POWERFUL SIDE of SEX AND VIOLENCE AND HUMAN NATURE. (Hint: human nature is NOT ALWAYS nice and friendly). I AM A FRIENDLY, NICE PERSON, BUT WITH JUST NICE AND FRIENDLY YOU WONT GET FAR. SO FACE IT: KIRSHIMA: WELCOME TO A BIT OF REALITY ! IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. I put my email in my name, so feel free to write me any email response or answer. I'll answer. And I'm honest authentic person. My explanation is scientific, meaning largely correct. Like it or not. regards Holger.

2023-12-26 00:57:57

This is not manly at all and rather disgusting. It's disgraceful! We should have been there helping the girls during this torture!! (tearful)

2023-12-10 11:35:56

So this is what happened to everyone!

[OVing (Obui)] Watashi wa Villain Creati | I'm Villain Creati (Boku no Hero Academia) [English] [biggiedickie] [Digital]

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